Why ProDictation?

Why ProDictation?

All dictations are securely stored in the Microsoft Cloud

  • Encrypted communication
  • Dictation deleted on smartphone as soon as it has been safely transferred to Cloud
  • Dictation file encrypted while on smartphone
  • 256-bit file encryption
  • Secure cloud storage - MS Azure
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified
Pro Dictation | Secure cloud storage

Mobile dictation made easy

Pro Dictation |Dictate your memos or notes


Simply dictate your memos or notes. Upload your recording from your Smartphone to ProDictation cloud at a click of a button

Pro Dictation | Human Transcription


Start transcribing now or save it and finish it later.

Pro Dictation | Higher rate of patient satisfection

Patient satisfaction

More detailed records in a fraction of the typing time will increase the time spent with the patient which will lead to a higher rate of patient satisfaction

  • Optional Transcription ServiceSave time and money! Use our advanced automated transcription service
  • Speech to Text conversion + 100 Languages & variants Get result in minutes Based on Machine Learning and AI Works in noisy environments
  • Select Your own way
Pro Dictation is the global market leader in Digital Dictation software with over 350,000 users worldwide Accenture Bank of Luxemburg MAERSK Deloitte Merrill Lynch