ProDictation is a web-based dictation system that is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Get started

Record your memos

Up and running in minutes. With ProDictation you will have your own personal space in our cloud.

Intuitive Interface

A clear user interface intuitively guides you through the recording process.

Speak and Upload

Dictations are automatically uploaded to the Cloud server. You may dictate at any time, also if you do not have a network connection.

Encrypted Communication

Once the dictation is made, the file is encrypted while on the smartphone and securely transferred via HTTPS.

Works on all smartphones

Available on all major platforms, iOS, Android and Windows.

Record your memos anytime, anywhere

Organize your recordings

With ProDictation all your files are securely stored in the cloud and may be accessed from anywhere in the world without quality degradation.

Organize your recordings

Notification system

Prioritize urgent work or set notifications to ensure jobs get done.

Customizeable setup

Create your own dictation priorities and types.

Encrypted Communication

Once the dictation is made, the file is encrypted while on smartphone and securely transferred via HTTPS.

Unlimited Storage

No restrictions or extra costs for any number of dictations.

Transcribe your memos

ProDictation's intuitive interface requires minimal training and enables rapid and accurate documentation by controlling the sound at your preferred speed.

Listen and transcribe in a browser

Our user friendly player guides you through the transcription process.

Media keys

With ProDictation player you can start, stop and control the sound using the keyboard play / pause keys.

How to transcribe
  • Optional Transcription ServiceSave time and money! Use our advanced automated transcription service
  • Speech to Text conversion + 100 Languages & variants Get result in minutes Based on Machine Learning and AI Works in noisy environments
  • Select Your own way